Chinese New Year calendar

Interested in what chinese zodiac sign you are ? Then pay attention to chinese calendar. Remember, that chinese calendar is NOT a lunar calendar!

If you were born between 21 january and 21 february - your chinese zodiac sign may differ from your birth year. To acknowledge, what chinese animal you are, go here and choose your birthday for more accurate results.

Calendar types

In the world there are three calendar types:

  • Solar or grigorian calendar. The main calendar for today, the year lasts from 365 to 366 days.
  • Lunar calendar ignores the sun and bases on the moon position. Lunar month is 29.5 days, so lunar year is from 353 to 355 days.
  • Lunisolar calendar. This is Chinese calendar. The year is 12 or 13 months. A 12 month year is from 354 to 355 days, and 13 month year is from 383 to 385 days.

According to this, date of Chinese New Year (known as Spring Festival) celebrations differs every year. Traditionally this day falls on the second new moon day after the winter solstice(21 - 22 december) and falls to between 21 january and 21 february.

Chinese calendar is based on astronomical data, so it's prediction and conversion is hard. In ancient time this calendar was calculated by observing nature.

Chinese New Year Calendar